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Terrorism: Police Ban Passengers on Long Distance Goods Trucks


The law enforcement body’s publicist, sale Fred Enanga, the Police and its sister security agencies have received intelligence information that “several long distance goods vehicles, trailers, haulers, oil tankers, vehicle carriers and vehicles destined for the bond and or in transit to the neighboring countries do carry unauthorized passengers whose destination is unknown.”

It should be remembered that recently, suspected Al Shabaab militants crossed into Uganda through Malaba using UN-labeled vehicles.

Police have been hunting down the suspected extremists in vain.

Enanga announced Saturday that all long distance goods vehicles, trailers, haulers, oil tankers and vehicle carriers are strictly authorized to have one driver and a turn man.

“While those vehicles destined for the bond must not carry any passenger apart from the driver.”

He pointed out the move is geared towards fighting extremism “as the terrorist groups keep looking for fresh targets.”

Enanga said Police have instructed all its commanders at the border points, territorial areas to impound any vehicle under the above category found carrying passengers and to further tighten security at all gazzetted and ungazzetted border points.

“Meanwhile, the traffic and integrated highway personnel are tasked to be vigilant and ensure they enforce this directive on a 24/7 basis by closely monitoring the entry and route charts for this category of vehicles,” he added.

In addition, the Crime Intelligence Officers have been tasked to obtain particulars and details of persons being transported; their places of origin, destination for effective follow up.

“The Police urge the public to take note of these measures and to remain vigilant by providing regular and timely information to the Police,” said Enanga.


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