PHOTOS: The Story Behind Kyegegwa Muslim Church Attack


Chimpreports exclusively broke this story on Friday afternoon. stuff geneva;”>

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This website dispatched Chimp Corp, Steven Ainganiza, to investigate the incident that has since pushed cold shivers down the spine of the country’s security chiefs.

Ainganiza now reports live from Magoma village, Hapuyo Sub County, Kyegegwa district where the incident occurred:

Police and other security organs in Rwenzori region are investigating circumstances under which the Tabliq Muslims went on rampage and murdered a woman in what appears a case of religious extremism and intolerance.

The decapitated body of Beata Mukachaka in her 20s was found lying in a pool of blood in a Pentecostal Church on Friday morning.

The assailants used a machete to separate Mukachaka’s head from her body.

Police officials say a gang of Tabliq Muslims raided Magoma Murungimwema Pentecostal church on Thursday night at around 1:00am before attacking believers during the night prayers.

According to the Rwenzori Police Commander (RPC) Thomas Kasiima, the irate Muslims attacked the Christians claiming they do not want any other religion in the Muslim-dominated area.

Kasiimo Thomas, Regional Police Commander, Rwenzori Region explaining to locacal residents about their operations.

“Armed with spears, the Muslims killed and beheaded Mukachaka who was preaching at the altar. They later put the head on the altar before chopping it into pieces. This was so crude,” says Kasiima who interviewed eyewitnesses.

The RPC adds Christians on witnessing the gruesome murder decided to take off for their dear lives.

Kasiima says majority of the people in the area have taken refuge at the Police Station following the incident.

He said police have heavily been deployed and a police post established to contain the situation.

Kasiima said two people have been arrested and detained at Kyegegwa Police Station in connection with the murder. He, however, did not give their identities for fear of jeopardizing the investigations.

Police deployed at the crime scene

A Police officer attached to Kyegegwa Police station identified as Grace Mwiine who responded to the attack, was shot and injured in the leg and thigh. He died shortly.

The militants’ later escaped and took off, disappearing in the neighboring hill.

The military and police remain heavily deployed in the area.

Background of militants

According to residents of Magoma village, two men migrated from Rwanda 15 years ago and have been living in the area for all those years.

A few years ago, the youthful militants known for extremist views, would later harass and torment their mother who eventually died.

They established well-fenced shrines for military training.

They started forcing locals to join their activities of preaching Islam. The locals put up stiff resistance.

Residents told Chimpreports that during the ‘military training’ in the shrines, recruits would be equipped with physical fitness skills.

“The militants trained youth and even promised to take them somewhere else for better military training. We don’t know where they intended to take the boys in our village,” recounts a one Musiime, a local.

Frightening by the developments, residents reported the matter to police.

This followed allegations that some youth had been tortured during physical fitness training exercises.

After being arrested, Police did not provide ample evidence to pin the suspects in the courts of law which eventually set them free.

One of the trainning facilities used by the militants


After being released from custody, the militants issued a strong warning to the residents, banning them from digging and planting more crops.

However, the locals continued establishing new gardens. The Islamic militants told them that if they continue with agriculture, something terrible would happen to them.

On Thursday night, armed with pangs and axes, the militants attacked the church at night and slaughtered the preacher.

Director of Operations Uganda Police commander Grace Turyagumanawe while addressing the residents on Friday evening called for calm among them saying they will hunt for the suspects and arrest them.

He said, “This is a simple group of militants that cannot cause more havoc. He said army and police were heavily deployed.”


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