Police Destroys Shs100 Billion Cocaine


The drugs according to officials were seized from traffickers from 2011 up to present in operations where 49 suspects were arrested and prosecuted in courts of law.

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Speaking at the function, viagra order the Permanent Secretary for the Internal Affairs Ministry, sick Steven Kagoda explained that the effect of the drugs is social, viagra economic and political and stressed that the need to fight its trafficking is paramount in keeping law and order.

“We have found out that drug trafficking is directly related to illegal human and arms trafficking which can easily lead to political turmoil in the region,” Kagoda explained.

Kagoda also stressed that that the fight against drugs is not just for the Police, but all the stakeholders because it is so much deep-rooted in society.

The Director of CIID, Grace Akullo revealed that Uganda has of recent become not only a transit route but also a destination for drugs in the region which she said is alarming, adding that over 71 Ugandans are currently serving death sentences in China over trafficking of drugs.

The drugs being burnt

“We recently found out that cocaine comes from South America to Uganda and then to Europe whereas Heroin is got from Afghanistan to Uganda and then off to Europe,” Akullo noted.

She added, “Uganda has continued to participate in cultivation of drugs most especially marijuana as recently 1.3 tons were seized in the UK and the source was found to be Uganda.”

“If we were able to pass the anti -gay bill and other bills, why not pass anti-narcotics bill to help curb drug trafficking in the country.

Our counterparts in Tanzania and Kenya have strong laws against the vice and the same should be applied to Uganda,” the CIID Director urged law makers.

The Deputy IGP Okot Ochora who represented the Police chief noted that Uganda is not only a convenient transit route but a safe and profitable market for illicit drugs in the region.

some of the drug consignements beofre being destroyed

“Drugs are everywhere including homes, schools and entertainment places; traffickers use Busia and Malaba entrances and use roads to Entebbe Airport before flying out of the country,” Ochora explained.

However officials from Police blamed the weak laws which they said have encouraged drug trafficking in the country adding that the maximum penalty for a trafficker is only Shs1m which they said is little compared to their Tanzanian counterparts where the perpetuator is fined 3 times the worth of the seized drugs.


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