China to Build Staff Quarters for Naguru Medics


The piece of land which cost close to a billion shillings will have eight blocks constructed in different phases with the first phase which is estimated to cost 1.5 billion shillings to be completed in the next 18months.

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The Director of The Naguru China Friendship Hospital, drug Dr. Edward Naddumba said the hospital has over 380 workers but the first the houses will be given to the health experts.

The Groundbreaking ceremony

“In fact, buy with these new arrangements our staff will improve in their performance because at times they could fail to perform to their expectation just because some travel long distances to catch up with their work,” Dr Naddumba said.

On top of that, the hospital has already secured a vehicle that will be transporting these medical workers from kamuli kireka to Naguru.

Witnessing the ground breaking at kamuli- kireka, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Asuman Lukwago said that it is a great milestone as far as improving the working conditions of the medical practitioners in the country is concerned.

Lukwago also suggested that Ugandans need to give more proposals to the China government to extent more projects that could help Uganda grow faster.

He jokingly advised Ugandans to start ‘marrying’ Chinese in Uganda as the only channel that could help them to become citizens of Uganda because they are great and generous friends to the country.

The China – Uganda Friendship Hospital, Naguru was built by the Chinese government to boost the health sector in Uganda. It was officially opened in.


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