Lawyers take Anti-gay Law fight to Regional Level


search "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>order "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>The law was signed by Museveni on February 25, having been passed by Parliament two months earlier, amidst local and international uproar from gay rights defenders.

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A section of lawyers and politicians in Uganda immediately took to the Constitutional Court to challenge the legislation on grounds that it violated a number of rights and that it had been illegally passed by parliament.

A section of gay activists and lawyers led by Senior Counsel Ladislaus Rwakafuzi have taken to the East African Court of Justice to challenge the same law.

Speaking Friday at a human rights conference at hotel Africana, Rwakafuzi revealed that the suit (Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum vs Attorney General of Uganda, Ref No. 6 of 2014) is pending hearing which commences in August this year.

The court however doesn’t wield much discretion concerning human rights and therefore cannot grant any damages on a human rights violation suit.

“We have decided to formulate our pleading, arguing that actions of Uganda Authorities as a partner state have breached the standards of good governance. By virtue of the Treaty to which member countries appended signatures, they have all agreed to govern their citizens by the rule of law,” he noted.

Rwakafuzi, revealed that while the suit doesn’t seek damages or sanctions on the Uganda government, it’s indirectly intended to gather regional support to curtail other member countries from signing similar laws.

Of the East African member countries, only Rwanda has decriminalized the old colonial anti-homosexuality laws.

“The case going to help us take this fight out of Uganda. We hope to be joined at the Court by other members, from Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi and together we will pile more pressure to ensure that the region doesn’t follow the footsteps of Uganda.”

Rwakafuzi a reputed lawyer, who has spearheaded the fight for gay rights since 2005, is banking on support from a number of Ugandan Civil society organizations.


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