Uganda Premier League Future Hangs In Balance


thumb geneva;”>According to sources privy to the meeting that took place between Super sport , FUFA and Uganda Super League Limited (USL) certain action points were agreed upon some of which were;

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1. The entity that manages the league must have a letter of authorization from FIFA, CAF and FUFA.

2. The secretariat of the league to be composed of some people from USL (3 in number) and others from FUFA. The intention here was to create a common point.

3. USL to be given 30 percent of the monies from Super Sport. This money entails managing the secretariat and paying all its staff salaries, office space, Stationary etc. The 30 percent is about Shs500, 000,000.

4. FUFA would be given 70 percent of the monies. This money would be shared by all the clubs playing in the UPL.

Details have emerged that Kavuma Kabenge representing (USL) rejected out rightly the idea of USL meeting the costs of maintaining the secretariat. This baffled the super sport contingent! Kavuma Kabenge insisted it should be FUFA to meet the costs of the secretariat that manages the league.

FUFA together with Super sport agreed to Kavuma Kabenge’s demands, but Super Sport officials insisted that if FUFA is to cater for the secretariat then USL must be ready to forfeit 10 percent of the deal. Meaning that instead of the 30 percent commission, they would be given 20 percent since FUFA would take responsibility of all the costs relating to the secretariat, such as salaries, transport, rent, match day event etc.

USL officials in their usual style said ‘no.’ They want the 30 percent (Shs 500m) on their accounts intact and untouched.

Pushed to the wall, FUFA agreed to meet the costs of the secretariat that runs the league and that the league will be under FUFA. FUFA accepted in principle with super sport to give 30 percent commission to Uganda super League (USL) for doing nothing in the UPL affairs.

The USL officials realizing that despite their 30 percent commission being intact and untouched, objected again to the idea of FUFA managing the league saying it should be them to manage the league.

This is what surprised the super sport officials, how on earth are you given free money over 500 million and still insist that you should own and run a league whose secretariat you do not want to meet its costs.

It’s at this point that Super Sport has given Uganda super league limited a dead line of 30th-June-2014. They either accept to take the money or Super Sport walks out of the Ugandan market.

But what would 500 million in the hands of two lawyers do to the lives of ordinary Ugandans?

1. It would pay for 166 primary school teachers for a year

2. It would pay for 99 Secondary school teachers for a year.

3. It would pay for 74 Medical doctors for a year.

One wonders therefore what Uganda Super league officials actually want. Are we beginning to see the true character of the dark forces behind Ugandan football? The answer is a big yes. Do they want to see the game move forward or destroy it? Well I would say destruction!

It’s at this juncture that we should applaud Eng Moses Magogo to pulling out all the tricks under his sleeve to ensure league football gets some money.

This has come at a cost of being labelled a betrayer by some people who failed to see the bigger picture.

Should Super sport walk out of the Ugandan market, the public, players, clubs and media should know who the people responsible for this departure were.

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