EXCLUSIVE: Shamim Bangi Talks about Her Life


adiposity see geneva; font-size: small;”>The former Ndejje University player disclosed this to ChimpSport in an exclusive interview at the training
at Kampala club.

Bangi strayed her badminton carrier at the age of 13 at Mariam high surprised many after outclassing all the senior players.

approved geneva; font-size: small;”> Born in the family of four where she is the only girl, visit this site Bangi has been able to break very many national badminton records while playing in the junior category.

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Bangi met up with ChimpSport reporter, Grace Segirinya with whom she shared a lot aboutsports and life in an exclusive interview.


ChimpSport: What inspired you to play this sport?

Bangi: I used to watch international players playing it but most likely was the then Ugandan number one currently based in Netherlands Edwine Ekling.

ChimpSport: To whom do you attribute this success?

Bangi: It’s my coach William Kabindi who has always been by my side all the time. Oh I had forgotten about my mother who has offered me both moral and financial support.

chimpsort: How many local event have you played in your carrier?

Bangi: Many, I can only remember a few where I emerged unbeaten. Picfare open, Baroda open, Roofings international, Tiabah open and Manji open to mention but a few.

ChimpSport: Besides playing, what have benefited from the sport?

Bangi: oh very many things which include international exposure, meeting big people and acquiring a free university sponsorship.

ChimpSport: Tell us about your academic background.

Bangi: oh it’s very rich; at the age of 21 I have finished my degree in Insurance and banking

ChimpSport: How did you manage to balance sports and academics.

Bangi: of course it’s tight, but I try to manage my time. I was able to get a second upper degree.

ChimpSport: Tell us about your training programme?

Bangi: I train from Monday to Saturday.

ChimpSport: How many international tournaments have you featured in?

Bangi: very many; The Nigeria international, Kenya open, where I lost in quarters, Uganda international where I lost in quarters and Mauritius International so far this year, to mention but a few

ChimpSport: Do you play any other sport?

Bangi: Sometimes, I swim for leisure.


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