I Didn’t Fight With Aganaga – Pallaso


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viagra order geneva;”>The media house claimed that Pallaso had fought with Aganaga and that they are rivals since they are both talented upcoming artistes.

“Ugandan media needs to stop!!! How can they report that I fought with Kalifah last night yet I wasn’t even in the same place with him? Last time I saw Kalifah was at the Club Silk Street Jam. I spent the whole of last night at Amnesia with my team at Lydia Jazmine’s Video Premiere. Is the industry that scared of me that they are scared to give me a fair chance to exhibit my skills?” Pallaso wrote.

Pallaso has been dubbed by many media houses as troublesome musician , tainting his reputation.

He went to lengths of recording and posting on YouTube a video of himself talking to Aganaga’s manager, Emma Carlos to clear his name and set the record straight.

He further said he has never had any problem with Aganaga and that he (Pallaso) is actually a huge fan of Aganaga.

“Aganaga is a great artist I am a huge fan and got no problems with the man,” Pallaso said.


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