Prof. Kasozi tips Gov't on Education


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medications geneva;”>Speaking during the 5th annual International Leadership Conference at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, Prof Kasozi noted that Uganda’s educational sector is still lagging behind and is only producing few creative students who can actually benefit the country.

He attributes this to endless mushrooming Universities with limited qualified human, physical and financial resources to conduct research leading to half baked graduates.

Prof. Kasozi also proposed to the Ministry of Education to review the education system by replacing the centralized examinations at High School levels with faculty and college based examination, something he says has boosted the sector in the developed countries like China and South Korea.

The former education boss complained of High Schools that only concentrate on making students pass examinations highly not empowering them to be innovative and practical, which leads students cramming only to pass examinations but remaining unable to make the country a better place.

On this note he urged High School heads to include other co-curricular activities like sports Music, Dance and Drama saying that this help in refreshing the mindset of the students during their studies and can be a great income generating option for the children in future.

This has come at a time when the unemployment rate has risen in Uganda especially among graduates who have got qualifications in various fields but they cannot find anywhere to work.


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