Radio, Weasel Establish Charity Project


pharm http://clubmeteo.fr/components/com_newsfeeds/views/categories/tmpl/default_items.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The super-talented and well decorated duo has started this charity cause after seeing how so many children in Uganda were suffering owing to the fact that they cannot access basic needs like food, approved clothing, shelter, medical attention and a good education.

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The group continued to say they have a school they are already funding though more help is required. They called upon every one that can contribute or offer any kind of assistance to join them in their charity cause.

“To all concerned Ugandans, we are starting up a charity project to help the little children who don’t have mothers, those born with diseases and all those who need help,” they wrote on their page.

“This will reduce the number of children suffering in Uganda. Let us help these children because we have the potential. Let us come together and help these children, they are the future. You never know they might be future presidents, ministers or the next Radio and Weasel,” they implored.

Radio and Weasel have ventured into charity

Their fans on Facebook applauded them for their compassion and empathy.

“It’s a good act to give back to community. Big up Radio and Weasel,” a fan said.

Hopefully, other Ugandan musicians who haven’t done the same can borrow a leaf and join in the cause to give all children a better and deserving life.


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