Golola Fears Me – Tugume


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Speaking to ChimpSport on Friday, Tugume said before Golola claims for such glory, he should first handle the challenge and accept to fight him again.

Tugume says he has made several requess to Golola for a rematch but the talkative kickboxer seems to be too terrified of him that he even trembles when Tugume’s name is mentioned.

The two kickboxers nearly exchanged punches in Masaka last weekend after Tugume, while entering the ring, described Golola a ‘coward’ who is afraid of facing him i

Tugume (L) in action

On hearing this, Golola, who was also in attendance entered the ring, grabbed a microphone and asked the fans if it was fair for Tugume to make such utterances at a public event.

Tugume started charging at the motor-mouthed Golola, saying their grudge can only be solved in a ring and also suggested that since there was a ring in the building, they could bury their hatchet there and then.

The duo last faced off in September last year in a fight at Freedom city Mall which saw Tugume knocked out in a record time of only 10 minutes.


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