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MP: Buganda-Gov't Wrangles will Hamper EAC Integration


viagra 40mg http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Bubulo East MP Hon Simon Mulongo (NRM) warned Thursday that by drag your its feet on the kingdom’s demands for Federal system, http://clipvoice.it/administrator/components/com_config/controllers/component.php government was keeping itself trouble that would come to haunt it later when the county has moved deep into the regional federation.

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Speaking to Chimpreports on the sidelines of a CSO conference in Kampala, Hon Mulongo said the question of Buganda remains fundamental and the earlier it is sorted the better.

“Buganda was a state within a state and they seriously want to go back to that state. We should remember that whoever undermines Buganda in Uganda is undermined by Baganda. We must not take this issue lightly; it not only threatens the unity of Uganda but that of the regional federation.”

The legislator explained that Buganda would keep pushing for their Federal status and that the matter would be harder to resolve once the county has moved into regional integration.

He pointed out the example of Zanzibar, which after its 50-year union with Tanzania, has started pushing for complete independence.

“Their marriage is not working. Zanzibar is now determined to revoke a number of arrangements established by the 1964 union. They now have their own national anthem and flag. It is very serious they want to pull out of the union. You don’t want to have this scenario here when we have federated regionally.”

He advised government to start now engaging the Kingdom on this “unfinished business, because it’s a potential hindrance to the federation spirit.”

Whether this (talks) is a function of the EAC, we have to resolve this issue now. Give them their independence if that’s what they want, as long as they come in as partners in the regional federation,” he noted.

Hon Mulongo’s viewed were echoed by activist and Makerere law lecturer Dr Kabumba Busingye, who noted that Buganda’s demands were legitimate and must not be hidden under the carpet.

“The paradox is how to federate regionally when you have this kind of challenges domestically. It should be dealt with squarely and in time to avoid regrets,” he told us in an interview.

Buganda Prime Minister Eng Charles Peter Mayiga had earlier been quoted in the media as warning government to “go slow on the integration process.”

While meeting with the EALA Speaker Hon Margaret Zziwa in Bulange, Mayiga reportedly said that while the idea of the East African Community was good, there persisted a number of challenges within member states that needed to be sorted out first before rushing into federation.


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