Bukedde TV Presenter in Trouble over Contract breach


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doctor geneva;”>Flavia and Clare, on Sunday premiered a new film ‘Run the World’ which was done without the permission of Matovu which he says violates the contracts they made with him.

Matovu says that the contracts stipulated that the two would not participate in any other drama related activities apart from those of Alina Talent Group for a period of the seven contracted years unless they had permission from Matovu.

Matovu also says that ever since Namulindwa was recruited at Bukedde TV, She only gave the group very little concentration which he says also violates their contract.

In Response, Namulindwa admits that her concentration reduced, but this was not because she was not loyal to the drama group but rather because she was pregnant at the time which made her weak.

Recently Matovu was also compelled to go to Robert Kabushenga, the CEO of Vision Group which runs Bukedde TV in order to solve the matter but in vain.

When Chimplyf spoke to Aloysius, he said that it is not like he is envious of the success of the two actresses but his grievance is that they violated contracts which they made with him before their expiry; and when that happens, he is bound to make losses.

Matovu concluded that all he seeks is that the Courts of Law get him compensated for all he offered to the two while in the group because he feels betrayed.


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