Be Careful with Western Civilisation – Princess Bagaya


This was while she was addressing a gathering during the launch of the Buganda Tourism Expo at the Buganda King’s Palace in Mengo.

Bagaya remarked that western civilization has got some advantages but it poses many obstacles which can hinder the development of the African Societies.

“Western culture was one of the means that were used to destroy African culture that the Africans strongly believed in because it (western culture) was always regarded as superior,” said Bagaya.

The ageing Princess cited the case of religions, saying that the African religious beliefs were largely misunderstood to be cults and were looked at like they disregarded God yet the Africans believed in a supreme God and life after death which is evidenced in the respect the Africans accorded to the dead.

Bagaya added that even when the dead were buried the people still believed that it was only the bodies that was buried and the spirit survived, “Whenever culture is destroyed a big part of life is destroyed,” a seemingly unhappy Bagaya remarked.

She further thanked Ugandans like Professor Apollo Nsibambi who not only worked hard for the return of the kingdoms, but also convinced President Museveni that Kingdoms were not a threat in this country


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