Recent US Sanctions based on lies-Bwanika


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The Opposition People’s Development Party (PDP) President noted that it is so absurd that the US government has orientated its foreign policy on Uganda basing on lies concocted by several opportunists who are seeking funds and immigration opportunities from America.

While addressing a weekly press briefing in Kampala, nurse Bwanika said many American lobbies have moved to deceive the entire world that homosexuals in Uganda are subjected to torture and death.

“I call upon the American Parliamentary Committee on foreign policies to visit Uganda and find out whether the allegations of torture and death for homosexuals are true, ailment ” said the former Presidential candidate.

Bwanika went on to emphasize, “The law that was recently passed doesn’t offer any death sentence to any homosexuals as it has been alleged by many homosexuals in Uganda in bid to lobby funds.”

Bwanika added that it should be noted that the law criminalizes whoever intends to forcefully engage another person into the act and perhaps involving the minor which is crime worldwide.

“It should be noted however, that many homosexuals in Uganda are living a free life in a free environment without any threats of torture or death; we have time and again engaged homosexuals and have helped to rehabilitate them and as well offer treatment to those that have suffered several illness,” Bwanika added.

Bwanika has in conclusion appealed to Parliament of Uganda and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to come up with a team to rebrand the country’s image after it has been tainted through peddling of lies by selfish individuals.


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