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Aronda: We've Eliminated Torture in Uganda


drugs geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Officiating at a function at Railway Grounds in Kampala, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima noted that Uganda has registered a tremendous reduction in torture cases since the enactment of the law that prohibits torture in the country in 2012.

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Nyakairima remarked that government is still committed to ensure zero tolerance of torture activities in the country through the different ‘agencies of change’ that have been put in place.

He noted that the government has fought to ensure the removal of extra-judicial killings and the vice of safe houses that had become common before 1986.

“It should be remembered that before 1986, torture and dumping of dead bodies had become the order of the day but to date, killing of someone has increasingly become sin and shocking,” said Nyakairima.

“Government has continued to ensure peace and security of people and protection of their property through several security agencies/ institutions that have been installed.”

Nyakaiirima reiterated rebel movements such as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) under rebel leader Joseph Kony and the ADF are no more in the country that had become catalysts of torture in the country.

He added that government has ensured that Justice is taken closer to people which is one of the strategies to ensure that such evil acts of torture are not done with impunity in the country.

“The journey from home to court, to police and to prison has been shortened and the use of brutal methods through safe houses to obtain evidence has been substituted by other torture free means.”

Nyakairima vowed that government will continue to ensure that there is no return to those times where torture was the order of the day.

“Uganda is torture free and will still be committed to ensure that the rule of law and justice continues to prevail.”


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