Ntoroko Elders Lift Travel Ban on King Oyo


medications geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The meeting comes hardly two years after Ntoroko people rejected King Oyo from visiting his people in the district.

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In 2012 drama ensued during a council meeting in Ntoroko district when some councillors refused Tooro King Oyo from stepping on their soil on claims that Ntoroko was not part of his Kingdom.

Bweramule sub-county Ntoroko district Onan Bagonza moved a motion to ban king Oyo from visiting Ntoroko.

The delegation to Tooro was which met the king and other kingdom elders at his palace (Karuzika) Harukoto in Fort Portal on Tuesday, was led by the Saaza Chief of Ntoroko district Mr. David Mwamba

Tooro elders were led by Rev. Richard Baguma the Minister of Clan Mobilization.

During the meeting, Ntoroko team pledged to team up with Tooro kingdom elders and ministers to support the king and his development programs.

“We shall mobilize people in Ntoroko to love the king and the kingdom. We support the programmes initiated by our king,” said Mwamba.

The delegation invited King Oyo to visit his subjects in Karugutu town council, Ntoroko district as they celebrate and remember the day when King Oyo last visited Ntoroko district on July 5, 2012.

“We commend King Oyo’s outstanding leadership and we promise support you in demanding for the return of the Kingdom Assets,” the delegation observed.

“I Congratulate the King upon receiving an honorary doctorate and being chosen as an Ambassador in the fight against HIV/AIDS globally,” added Mwamba.

In his short speech King Oyo asked the elders from the two sides to join him in developing the kingdom.

Observers say the visit was a surprise, given the tense relations between Tooro Kingdom and Ntoroko leaders.

During the historic 2012 Councillors’ meeting in Ntoroko, Councillor Bagonza said it was not “fair for King Oyo to invade and submerge other people’s cultural values.

“It’s a total abuse of human dignity for the king of Tooro to claim Butuuku and other tribes in Ntoroko should pay allegiance to Tooro kingdom.”

He thus asked the council to ban the king from travelling to Ntoroko and singing the Tororo anthem and raising the Kingdom flag at any function in the district.

The motion was seconded then by the district chairman Timothy Kyamanywa who said he was not happy with King Oyo claiming Ntoroko district as its part of Tooro Kingdom.

Mr Kyamanywa said King Oyo has no right to exercise his cultural interests on the soil of Ntoroko.


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