Catholic Church Pardons Hilderman


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In an interview with ChimpLyf on Wednesday afternoon, Mbabaali presented a letter from Uganda Episcopal Conference that was recently held in Nsambya dated June 11, 2014 demanding that Hilderman makes a public apology for his disrespectful actions.

“I have watched and listened to Hilderman’s apology messages on some TV stations and local radio stations. We now only demand Hilderman to do the same at least on all regional radio stations, TV Stations and print media,” Mbabaali told ChimpLyf.

“We are now happy to see that there is no gap between Hilderman and Catholic Church as it has been in the past days after his launch. We are looking forward to meeting him,” Mbabaali said.

Catholic lawyers had threatened to drag Hilderman to court for showing disrespect towards the Catholic Church.

Mbabaali added that Hilderman has done well by respecting the decision of the religious leaders through apologizing to the entire Catholic community and the public.

He however noted that they have set up a separate committee to monitor Hilderman and make sure he fulfills all the conditions that were set.

In his apology, Hilderman said, “I didn’t intend to irritate the Catholics or anyone by my actions. I respect this religion as I was recently wedded at Lubaga Cathedral.”

Hilderman also added that while wearing the cassock he only performed religious songs and he did so humbly out of respect for the sacred attire.


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