Lyantonde Police Headquarters Faces Eviction over Rent

stomach geneva; color: black;”>Mbugga says that in 2008, Uganda Police (now, Uganda Police Force) signed an agreement with her to have her building in Kalyamenvu house the District Police Headquarters at a charge of UgSh3 Million per year as rent.

However, Elizabeth adds that Police proved inconsistent with the payments as stipulated in the agreement as the rent arrears accumulated for five years to a tune she says is now 30 Million shillings.

Elizabeth noted that she got frustrated with the Police ignoring her constant reminders to pay up and that this prompted her to issue a notice of eviction which was served to the Station’s leadership, but still her matter was ignored until she resorted to take this action.

When asked to comment about this issue, Lyantonde District Police Commander Eyaku Timothy Keith said, “It is the area Councilors who signed the agreement and not Police Officials, so at first the debt was not known to us.”

“But after knowing about the debt, I approached Mrs. Mbugga and pleaded with her to give Police more time to be able to clear. After which, I wrote to the Headquarters of the Uganda Police Force about the matter,” added DPC Eyaku.

Eyaku finally pleaded with Mbugga to give them only 2 more weeks to have the matter solved which Mbugga rejected and demanded that the Police rather write for her a letter, which she will take by herself to the Police Headquarters in Naguru.


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