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Special Forces Deny Pte Odongo Torture


page http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-config-sample.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Reports have been circulating on social media implying Private Chris Odongo Ongom was physically tortured for raising concerns about what he described as a controversial procurement of drugs by army officials.

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SFC Spokesman, Maj Chris Magezi said Odongo is being investigated for impersonating as an official with National Medical Stores to con a Hungarian of $26,000.

“In early May, Private Odongo and two others, all of them members of the SFC Medical department, posed as officials of the National Medical Stores (NMS) and coned a Hungarian national of USD 26.000. They had promised the Hungarian a contract to supply medical kits to NMS, which of course was hot air,” Magezi told Chimpreports on Wednesday.

“When the matter was brought to our attention (SFC), the soldiers were identified and arrested, and after further investigations, their case was scheduled for court (SFC Unit Court Martial), of which the first hearing actually commences tomorrow (June 26),” he added.

“Therefore the allegations of torture raised by Private Odongo can be seen or interpreted as an attempt to subvert the course of justice, or sheer blackmail, which we reject. In fact, Private Odongo has been convicted before in the same court for stealing medical drugs in his custody, and served his sentence. He’s been on probation since his release, as we watched his future conduct, which unfortunately has now proved a disappointment.”

Odongo, according to a Facebook post by his lawyer, claimed that his testicles were crushed during the torture and that he is yet to receive medical attention for a liver ailment.

But Maj Magezi said “UPDF doctors carried out a thorough medical examination but did not find Odongo in critical condition as alleged. He is healthy and fit to stand trial.”

Torture is outlawed, according to the Uganda Constitution.

Magezi told this website in an in interview the SFC always operates within the laws of Uganda, guided by the Constitution, and this includes respect for basic human rights and other fundamental liberties.

“We do not torture suspects in our custody, and certainly Odongo and his accomplices have not been tortured. Indeed the suspects are, according our medical report, in good physical and mental condition.”

He, however, stated that, “Any militant who breaks the law or compromises our Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) can reasonably expect to face justice fairly and justly according to the laws of Uganda.”


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