DP 2016 Movement Faces Resistance In Buganda


buy http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/wp-includes/class-wp-http-proxy.php geneva; font-size: small;”>information pills http://davepoulin.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-users-list-table.php sans-serif;”>This was during the ‘DP Revival Campaign’ which was unveiled at the beginning of this year with the aim of reviving the party’s reputation in Central region.

The concept aims at among others empowering the party and reestablishing its might and glory in Buganda; by getting up to 80 MPs from the region to Parliament come 2016.

The purpose of the concept is to strengthen and reposition DP to take up national leadership at levels in Buganda, and in the unlikely event, take the presidency or at least the leadership of opposition of parliament,” explained the Campaign Vice president Hon Ssebuliba Mutumba while addressing a weekly press conference in Kampala on Tuesday.

The concept leadership has consequently since January been traversing the various constituencies in Buganda, conducting dialogue sessions, radio and TV talk shows, and trying to unite various warring factions in the party.

Ssebiluba, however, told press that the campaign has been met stiff resistance from a number of districts in the region.

He pointed out the harshest confrontation was coming from Mukono district, which has seen immense friction within the party, and noted that this has indeed stalled the program’s progress.

We found a lot of resistance there mainly because there are so many people there who are aspiring for leadership seats in 2016. They feel that their time has come.

Some supporters were angry that their leaders are not going back to them. They feel they have been subjugated and their views are not being heard,” added Ssebuliba.

The party has for long feared these intense internal differences as the primary cause of the downward trend of its reputations not only in Buganda but across the country.

There is no way we can enter the 2016 race when we are not united and convince the nation to entrust us with leadership. We have talked to all the members of these factions and they are positive about the initiative for reconciliation,” Ssebuliba noted at the beginning of the campaign in January.

As the campaign progresses, Mutumba reiterated that they had agreed on a number of interventions that would help iron out the hazardous differences especially emerging from candidature disagreements.

We want to introduce the debate system, where in case a constituency has so many people vying for it, they are subjected to a debate as it is done in Makerere guild polls instead of rushing to primaries,” he said.

The campaign Mutumba said had also faced other challenges including insufficient funding, and intimidation from especially security organs.


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