Golola Vows To Break American Kickboxer's Neck


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Speaking at a press conference where the fight’s campaign was launched, ambulance Golola vowed to silence his critics who have been accusing him of having a phobia for white kick boxers.

“I know many people think that I fear whites, this time round I am the flag bearer for Uganda, I am going to kick this guy until he is as white as ice,” claimed the motor mouthed kick boxer.

The humorous Golola continued to pour out, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a joking subject, in fact from now on, you may call me ‘the breaker’, the only African man who can pocket while naked. I will break his neck,” throwing the room into laughter.

Speaking at the press conference on Tuesday, Lubega Bumaali Golola’s manager pledged to organize an entertaining fight and to give Golola enough and proper training in order to secure a win for his ardent Ugandan fans.

He is to train here in his own camp, and later he will train in America, one week to the fight.

Richard Abraham boasts of an impressive record of 45 fights, 36 wins, 2 losses and one draw while Golola has 22 fights, 18 wins, 11 knockouts and with 3 losses.


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