Magogo Unveils New Referees’ Manual


buy information pills geneva;”>This was during a consultative meeting yesterday, June 23 at FUFA house in Kampala which was attended by the FUFA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Edgar Watson, FUFA Referees standing committee and their chairman Samuel Mpiima, Ex-FIFA Referees, Chairman UFRA and staff of the referees’ office.

The FUFA president reminded the group that attended the meeting about how referees play a key part in the development of the game.

‘Referees need to be part of the developmental stage. Regulations and rules help in guiding people. Let’s give the manual the test of time’ said Magogo.

Magogo expressed confidence the Referees’ Manual that was approved and passed by the FUFA Executive that it will live the test of times.

He revealed that the Manual has already been approved and passed by the FUFA Executive and will be in use for the start of the new football season in August.

The manual was prepared by the FUFA Referees Committee in consultation with key stakeholders to guide the implementation of the Refereeing programme.

“The manual does not replace the existing Laws, Rules and Regulations governing the operations of FIFA/CAF/FUFA, however it complements them and is issued to ensure the Refereeing programmes are successfully implemented to the satisfaction of all FIFA/FUFA members, CAF, Sponsors, Fans and Government of Uganda,” Magogo noted.

According to the manual, officials who deliberately fail to comply with the requirements shall be sanctioned while exemplary performers shall be rewarded.

The manual aims at among others, promotion and protection of the laws of the game, building the capacity of referees, creating an enabling environment for officiating of matches, ensuring good governance in refereeing matters and promote and protect the image of FUFA.


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