South Sudan

Kiir Warned on Frustrating Defence Minister Manyang


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Manyok Mabiei, help who is also among the SPLA-Chapter Founders in Chicago, said it was very disturbing to learn of disagreements between Kiir and his closest military ally and head of SPLA Veterans Affairs, Manyang.

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This followed media reports that Kiir had rejected a resignation letter from Manyang over an unpalatable relationship with chief of General Staff, Paul Malong Awan.

It should be remembered replacement of Malong with Gen James Hoth Mai has not gone down well with some senior army officers.

Gen Dau Aturjuong, a senior army officer and commander chose to quit and join Dr Riek Machar’s rebel movement.

Mabiei told Chimpreports on Tuesday that Manyang is frustrated by Malong’s failure to follow a chain of command.

It is reported Malong has a direct link to Kiir thus connecting directly with the President on critical issues such as payment of soldiers’ salaries without consulting the line defence Minister.

“Manyang is known in South Sudan as a champion in fighting corruption and he development-oriented. He was among the few people who would make tough but sober decisions throughout the liberation struggle in his field of control,” said Mabei, adding, Kiir must not make his defence chief feel frustrated.

Reports that Manyang intends to abandon Kiir’s government have fuelled fears of cracks within the top military elite at a time when the country is struggling to defeat Machar’s rebellion.

“Manyang is a veteran and member of the SPLA/M founders ranking along the line with the founders in the history of South Sudan. He was a great fighter and aggressive leader in early 80s-90s during the wartime against North,” recalled Mabei.

“Following the death of the SPLA/M leader Dr. Garang, it became clear that Manyang was second TO Kiir in hierarchy and as the head of the SPLA party and leader of South Sudan. They are really close friends in South Sudan, but it seems a danger is coming close to the door, as people know that there is no permanent friend.”

Mabei further revealed that several government officials who were plundering public resources advised Kiir against appointing Manyang in a top position as he would check their corrupt tendencies.

Sources claim Manyang was not happy with the late payment of salaries for government soldiers which has led to defections to Machar’s rebel movement.


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