Woman Petitions Minister Rugunda over 'Dying' Daughter


thumb geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Patricia Nalukwago, a resident of Entebbe Kitooro says her 20-months-old girl; Rose Metellus was born prematurely with a condition known as Oesophageal Atresia which implies that her mouth is not connected to the stomach.

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The visibly unhealthy Rose has a tube fitted on her belly through which she feeds and drinks.

Nalukwago is now seeking financial assistance of up to $15,000 from the Hon Minister and Good Samaritans to create an opening in her throat enable her normal digestion.

The disorder is congenital in nature (developed before birth) which affects the alimentary tract. It causes the oesophagus to end in a blind-ended pouch rather than connecting normally to the stomach.

It is characterized anatomically by a congenital obstruction of the oesophagus with interruption of the continuity of the oesophageal wall

“Rose went through an unsuccessful operation by American doctors when she was two weeks, and she has lived in this condition since then. There is not a single specialist to handle the situation in this country, which is why I have been advised to travel to South Africa for a comprehensive operation,” Patricia told Chimreports on Monday.

“I have lost track on the millions shillings I have spent on this child and now I have lost my job as well, to concentrate on taking care of her. She needs special food and milk and full time attention.”

Nalukwago also called upon government to consider setting up a paediatrics health centre that can handle such conditions, noting that there could be more parents stranded in the same situation.

“With support, once I am though this, I intend to start up an NGO that brings together mothers who are going through similar complications, because they are many out there who don’t even know whom to run to,” she added.

Rugunda is yet to issue a response to the troubled woman.


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