Al Jazeera Journalists Convicted in Egypt Trial


“Men should be humble and take care of their wives,” President Museveni noted while at a wedding reception yesterday June 22 at Lugogo UMA main Hall.

The wedding which was a big social gathering for many cooperate people was of Kenneth Baija a member of staff of State House and Sarah Nduhukire a member of staff of the Uganda National roads Authority.

Museveni cautioned married couples against the vice of being over ambitious particularly under the influence and pressure from their wives. He said that such conduct could be detrimental to their lives and wellbeing of their families.

He thanked Mrs. Jennifer Baija for being a good Movement supporter describing her as a committed worker.

Museveni further thanked her for exemplary performance especially from the time of her husband’s death when she demonstrated her capacity to look after her children well.

He was pleased to note that she built a home and established a farm which was progressing.

President Museveni cautioned the youth and people at large against the vices of promiscuity and alcoholism.

He donated some cows to the bride and congratulated the entire family for the wedding ceremony.

The Groom, Kenneth Baija saluted President Museveni for blessing the wedding ceremony and for employing him. He thanked God for the great wedding ceremony. He thanked the State House Staff for enabling him to do his work well.

The Bride, Sarah Nduhukire pledged to manage her family well.

The Groom’s mother, Mrs. Jennefer Baija thanked the President for enabling her children to get employment. She called on the new couple to respect each other as a prerequisite for a happy relationship.

Mr. Kenneth Baija is a son of the late Dr. Gershom Baija and Mrs. Jennifer Baija of Kashari, Mbarara District. Mrs. Baija is a promonent NRM supporter in Kashari.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Turyamureba of Obwengaara, Kazo in Kiruhura District.

visit web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Al Jazeera is reporting the guilty verdicts were delivered by a judge on Monday against Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

Greste and Fahmy were sentenced to seven years in jail, while Baher Mohamed was sentenced to an additional three years for possession of ammunition.

Mohamed was in posession of a spent bullet he had found on the ground during a protest.

Other Al Jazeera journalists being tried in absentia were sentenced to 10 years. Their names are: Alaa Bayoumi, Anas Abdel-Wahab Khalawi Hasan, Khaleel Aly Khaleel Bahnasy, Mohamed Fawzi, Dominic Kane and Sue Turton.

Recently, the defence reminded the court that the members of the technical committee who had evaluated the evidence could not recall a single example of what they believed was fabricated coverage from the Al Jazeera team.

They also could not pinpoint anything that endangered national security.

Egyptian prosecutors have since demanded the “maximum” penalty of 15 years’ jail for the journalists.

Al Jazeera spokesperson Osama Saeed recently told Chimpreports that the summation by the defence shows again the weaknesses of the arguments made by the prosecution.

“The world knows that the three Al Jazeera staff who have been jailed were just doing their jobs. The defence has articulated that the entire trial is a trial of all journalists who believe in honest reporting and integrity, and not just a trial of the Al Jazeera three. On the balance of arguments, it’s abundantly clear that Peter, Baher and Mohammed are not guilty of anything, and they should be set free,” said Osama.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, held talks with new Egyptian President Fattah Al-Sisi in Cairo on Sunday.

Kerry said he raised the issue of detained journalists with President Al-Sisi.


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