Museveni in Busoga Poverty Eradication Campaign


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The President said that he was not ready to engage in politics that have no solutions to the needs of Ugandans especially income generation or even continue to engage in the continuous demand for the provision of development infrastructure by the politicians yet where these infrastructure have been and are available are surrounded by a poverty stricken population.

He said that poverty in Uganda is largely a result of lack of attitude change as the population has failed to adhere to the message of adopting modern commercial oriented farming as a way of overcoming poverty.

“It is possible to overcome poverty through modern agriculture, I have tested it before near my home in Rwakitura right from the 1960s and the people there adopted modern dairy farming and they are now rich and prosperous.” he said.

Busoga region is considered one of the poorest sub-regions in Uganda.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga recently said the biting poverty in the region is an indictment of the area leaders including her.

“We are tired of being ashamed. We have to change the way we live. Our forefathers who didn’t go to school managed through cooperatives to save and lend to the now developed countries. As leaders we need to cause change to the region,” she said at a workshop in Eastern Uganda last month.

Kadaga also joined other political leaders for the region to show concern over the failure by the NAADs programme to transform lives in the villages.

“We are concerned NAADs has been in Uganda for some time but we can’t see the output in the villages. Many of the people who received NAADs animals couldn’t afford the expensive drugs and they lost the animals. NAADs should have a better package for the poor farmers,” Speaker Kadaga noted.

She urged the NAADs Secretariat to address the new wave of crop diseases like banana and coffee wilt that have caused a lot of frustration among the farming communities.


Speaking at a rally on Saturday, Museveni expressed concern that whereas the National Resistance Movement government has invested a lot of resources aimed at modernizing and commercializing agriculture especially through the National Agricultural Advisory Service program, there is no tangible results on the grassroot which has compelled the government to call for the review and re-organization of the program.

“There is a big problem with the NAADS program both at planning level in the agriculture ministry and at the implementation level by the local governments and we are reviewing it with a view of investing more resources in providing farmers with breeding stock and seedlings and less on monitoring and supervision,” the President noted.

He also said that there is need to concentrate resources to a few agricultural products that are of commercial value to farmers than getting them to grow everything.

The President pledged that his government will tarmac the road from Musiita to Majanje, re-construct the Bugiri referral hospital and extend power to most parts of the district through the rural electrification program but said that all government programs can’t be implemented at the same time as resources may not permit.

The President used the occasion to warn Ugandans against taking the law in their hands and getting into criminal acts noting that the country unlike in the past was run according to constitutional order and anyone who went against the law risked facing the consequences.

Responding to several appeals from leaders of Bugiri to have the elected Chairman of the district who was sentenced for 8 month in prison on charges of assaulting his political opponent, the President warned all Ugandans against taking the law in their hands and called for harmonious and courteous living amongst Uganda citizens.

“Uganda is today a peaceful country with avenues of resolving any dispute which was not the case in the past, why should people resort to assaulting others?” he wondered.

“Uganda lost about 800,000 citizens between 1966 and 1986 on account of undisciplined army, we now have a disciplined army and it’s now the civilians who are undisciplined and we can’t tolerate that,” he added.

“No Ugandan has a right to assault another Ugandan, the issue of your chairman is an issue of facts and law and I want to advise you people to always exercise fairness and support the truth.”


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