South Sudan

Machar Rebels Plan Massive Offensive to Recapture Nasir


sick geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>SPLA commanders spent the better part of the weekend planning a defence strategy and mobilising tanks and battle-hardened soldiers to resist Dr Riek Machar rebels.

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At 7:30am, a source told this website that the rebels had started moving from Pagak in military columns and were preparing heavy artillery pieces in villages near Nasir.

“Basing on developments on the ground, it seems the rebels are not interested in peace. The peace talks in Addis Ababa are being used as a cover to prepare, recruit and train more militants to continue with their agenda of overthrowing President Salva Kiir,” said a government source.

SPLA/SPLM Spokesperson, Brig Lul Koang made a brief response on the latest eyebrow-raising development.

“No information as of now,” he told Chimpreports.

However, Koang has previously hinted on the possibility of a military strike on government positions including the town of Bor where Uganda’s Special Forces Command elite units are stationed.

Talks between the rebels and government officials are underway in Ethiopia with the view of forming an ‘inclusive’ and ‘transitional’ government which will prepare for national elections in 2015.

However, South Sudan President Salva Kiir, maintains that elections must wait until government completes a national reconciliation exercise to heal the wounds of the 6-month war that has uprooted live of thousands and left a trail of bloodshed and destruction.

Kiir this week revealed an international conspiracy in which some people are piling pressure on IGAD to form a new government without him.

“Our people overwhelmingly elected me as president and nobody has right and power to remove me except the people,” said Kiir while addressing the legislature on Thursday.

“Political manipulations intended to compromise our constitution and cause more problems will not be allowed,” he added.

SPLA sources told this website that “if Machar’s militants storm our bases in Nasir, we will respond with an iron fist.”

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon recently warned Machar and Kiir against any further clashes, saying they must commit t their Addis Ababa agreement on cessation of hostilities.


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