Oguttu: UPDF Will Fail Agriculture


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Museveni announced ahead of the new fiscal year that managers of the agricultural services body had done nothing but squander the billions of shillings dished out to them annually on paying their own salaries and workshops.

While speaking at this year’s Heroes Day celebrations in Mityana district earlier this month, the president declared his intentions to reallocate the NAADS funds to a UPDF agricultural development project coordinated by Gen Salim Saleh.

The project which was set up initially to benefit families of UPDF veterans, supplying them with seeds and other farming implements, Museveni said, would be rolled out nationwide.

“I am going to place a soldier in each constituency to work alongside the local leaderships to help our families improve agriculture. We are determined to see that each family In Uganda is able to produce enough food for consumption and spare more for economic purposes,” he said.

In his response to the President’s State of the Nation address however, Hon Oguttu said entrusting national agriculture with the army was a terrible blunder that would sink the entire sector in a short while.

He said that NAADS was unsuccessful mainly because it had been turned into a “political slash fund,”and that would be made even worse if placed under UPDF officers.

“Since when did agriculture become an area of military expertise and where did these officers train to perform extension services?” wondered Oguttu.

“UPDF was involved in farming at Kisozi Kiryandongo, and Ibanda, How did they perform? They totally failed.”

Justifying his decision, Museveni said the army had in the last year managed to plant, over 11million coffee plants, 2million tea plants, as well as fruits, maize among other on a large scale, using only Sh 9billion, compared to NAADS which had less than a quarter of this to show, having blown over 200billion.

In an interview with Chimpreports, Makerere University’s senior economist Prof Augustus Nuwagaba, said NAADS had put enough resources to waste and deserved not another chance.

“All they did was blow funds in teaching people how to plant bananas. Our people have done this for the last 1,000 years!”

“NAADS evaded most of the key pillars for which it was created, that is agricultural research, marketing and value addition. If they had focused more on these, they wouldn’t have failed to transform agriculture.”

In Oguttu’s view, however, deployment of the national army into agriculture only reflected the continued militarization of government, with the other example being the National Identify card project.

“We must point out here that militarization makes two statements that the President has failed to build robust national institutions and two, that the President now wants to rule by commands and decrees through the army,” observed Oguttu.


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