Sempala Blasts Haters: Zari is not a Saint


geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Zari has dated several men at the back of hubby Ivan Semwanga, seek one of the reasons their marriage crumbled a year ago. But Zari claims she was a victim of domestic violence.

Now, Sempala Zari’s sex life is not his business.

“Stop, stop, stop flooding my inbox with rumours pertaining to Zarinah Tlale,” charged Sempala who took Zari from Semwanga.

“If she did A, B, C…fair enough I also did D, E and F…If I wanted saints, I would have dated from the Vatican,” he added.

Semwanga’s friends believe Sempala’s regular Facebook posts are aimed at provoking or annoying the South Africa-based businessman after seducing and eventually taking the mother of his four kids.

Sempala said Ugandan critics should first examine their relationships before crucifying him for dating Zari.


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