Looming Bumper Harvest Worries Museveni


viagra sale sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The president pointed out mainly maize and fruits whose prices may drop significantly once the bumper harvest sets in.

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cure sans-serif;”>He warned that while the country has for the last two decades been lagging behind in growing of maize, recent reforms had helped shoot up production to about 5.6million metric tons up from 250,000 tons in 1986.

While speaking at the opening of a modern Acacia Mall in Kampala on Friday, Museveni asked key local investors including the Mukwano group of Companies, to think about processing plants for maize to save the farmers from possible devastating losses.

Maize production is expected to hit major highs this season especially in the Luweero triangle districts where it had been grown on a large scale thanks to UPDF veterans agricultural enhancement initiative.

Museveni also highlighted a need for increased investment in fruit processing plants, following an expansion of their production in the country lately.

“We used to be disorganized by the problem of land fragmentation due to bad inheritance practices, implying that our people could not engage in certain enterprises on large scale. But we devised some high value ventures which could be undertaken on small pieces of land like fruits and people have adopted a great deal,” explained Museveni.

“Unlike coffee and cotton processing for which we have found sufficient investors, We badly need machines that will process both our fruits and maize.”

Museveni assured the investors of reduced costs on electricity and transport across the region in the near future.

“Don’t worry; I have passed some strict orders to the finance Ministry, that for all industries, power costs would not exceed 4 US cents. Nobody will change that,” he said.

“We also expect to have finalized a modern railway line from Mombasa, though Kampala to Kigali and Juba in the next five years, so the transport costs will go down as well.”


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