Walusimbi Punches Holes in FUFA Administration Policies


viagra geneva;”>Walusimbi stormed FUFA house recently where his uninvited visit prompted the local football governing body to halt the weekly press conference and deployed police heavily.

FUFA also instructed security personnel to ensure the former professional footbaler doesn’t access the football body’s headquarters in Mengo, Kampala.

ChimpSport caught up with Walusimbi:


Walusimbi what is your problem with FUFA?

My problem with FUFA is my family which is football.

Do you have any personal issues with Magogo, the FUFA president?

Am not beefing with Magogo in any way but I am challenging the legality of the current FUFA administrative system.

Do you have any interest in vying for any post in FUFA?

Not really, it’s the players’ status that has not been respected that I am advocating for not even money.

What issues are you advocating for that have not been addressed?

There are very many, but to be precise FUFA has only been interested in fighting political wars without addressing the plight of players who are the football ambassadors.

Can you cite any incidences where footballers have been neglected?

Oohh, very many, do you remember in 2011 when Villa players went on strike demanding for the payment of their allowances? The players were instead threatened by FUFA of a strong punitive action.

If you see the mother body conniving with clubs to harass playerS, what’s that?

It was worsened when players’ allowances were chopped because they didn’t attend the burial of an executive member, oh it’s painful.

How do you gauge the status of players in Uganda?

It is known world over that Ugandan footballers die like dogs after spending their valuable time in the game; they are never helped financially even after retiring.

Do you think Magogo has lived to his expectation?

No. First of all, FUFA administration was denounced by court after it was discovered that it was registered as a limited company yet it’s a national sports body. His administration is non-existing.

Changing the national logo was the worst mistake Magogo has ever committed; that is our national identity which has existed for so long; Magogo does not have the mandate to pass such a decision without the approval of the assembly.

So what is the way forward?

The minster of sports should institute an interim committee which should conduct fresh elections to institute a new administration.

What are the other FUFA’s shortfalls?

Currently clubs don’t pay players their allowances; players are entitled to get a share of the gate collections, players don’t have any share on the sponsorship packages.

Do you think at one time Cranes players will be rated like the likes of Yaya Toure and the like?

With the current system, no way, Uganda has the talent but with the suffocation which is subjected to players by their clubs, this cannot be achieved.

How sure are you that there grievances will be addressed?

This is a struggle but the sky is the limit. I am glad my critics acknowledge what I am advocating for.

Tel us about your football history

Precisely, I played for friends of football where I was part of the baby Cranes team which played in Eritrea and emerged the top scorer.

I was the youngest player who featured for the national team in 1998 when we played in Austria; while playing for police, I was the top scorer before I left for Sweden.

Later I played for KCCA for half a season.


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