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Luweero: 3-Year-Old Girl’s Tongue Cut Out In Ritual Murder

Lamech Kigozi

ed geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The decapitated body of Sumaya Naggita was found in a pool of blood in the township on Friday.

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The suspects have been identified as Michael Lubega and Waswa Wanyama, all hailing from Luweero Town Council.

Lamech Kigozi, the police spokesperson Savannah region, told Chimpreports on Saturday the innocent girl was last seen at Lubega’s shrine.

“But when her body was recovered, the tongue had been cut out and her leg was missing,” said Kigozi, describing the brutal way in which the girl’s precious life was taken.

“The two suspects have been arrested and detained at Luweero police station for questioning. We have asked the DPP to sanction murder charges against them.”

Kigozi said that the girl’s body was discovered on Friday morning by an employee at the farm belonging to a one Katuba.

“The post-mortem report showed that other body parts were found missing,” added Kigozi.

Cases of ritual sacrifice are on the rise in Uganda.

Police on June 17 arrested Salim Walyawula, a resident of Kawoolo in Lugazi district as part of investigations into the murder of Mariam Nabiryo, a 3-year-old girl.

Kigozi said Nabiryo’s body bore the hallmarks of a ritual murder.

Rural districts near Kampala have been badly affected by kidnappings of children for sacrificial purposes and are gripped by fear.

On the roadsides posters have been put up warning children of the danger of abduction by witch doctors for the purpose of child sacrifice.

Young children are often the victim because they are relatively easy to abduct. The desire for instant wealth on the part of the client and greed on the part of the witchdoctor has created a ready market for children to be bought and sold at a price.

Children have become a commodity of exchange and child sacrifice is more than a religious or cultural issue, it has become a commercial business


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