Museveni: Ugandans are Lazy by Nature


more about sans-serif; line-height: 150%;”>Despite the numerous examples set by foreign investors in the country, Museveni noted with concern that Ugandans still have nothing much to show in terms of world-class business investments.

The president made the remarks today, while officiating at the grand opening of a Multibillion Acacia Shopping Mall in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb.

He said that numerous foreigners have come here and developed massive businesses using the country’s abundant natural wealth as Ugandans watched in grinding poverty.

He gave an example of the new mall’s proprietor Alykhan Kharmali of the Mukwano family, which started from scratch in the early post-colonial times and developed a family fortune of over $500 million as of now.

“Ugandans on the other hand are lazy by nature. They have an abundance of resources here to start from and numerous examples to borrow a leaf from but they haven’t moved,” he said.

“May be they need some special spectacles to help them see where wealth is.”

For lack of seriousness, Museveni said, most Ugandans think only of squandering resources in drinking alcohol and merrymaking while their foreign counterparts are busy investing in productive ventures.

“If it’s about mathematics, Ugandans have perfectly mastered the subtraction and division signs while our friends here from the outside countries have mastered the addition and multiplication ones,” he elaborated.

The Newly opened Acacia Mall in Kampala

Another problem Museveni noticed was, rich Ugandans producing “stupid children.”

“This has become an epidemic now. Some people work hard and put together a lot of wealth, but they bring forth stupid children who come and squander all the hard-earned wealth. These too should learn from how the Mukwano family have continuously maintained and multiplied their wealth through the generations.

The president went on to narrate how he met with Mukwano in 1986 and lent him $800,000 to produce soap which was in short supply by then and how he has grown this to hundreds of millions of dollars in investments.

At the opening event, the Acacia Mall proprietor Mr Alykhan hailed Museveni for the country’s maintained peace and stability which has enabled investment in such world class ventures.

The mall which houses hundreds of shops and offices offers consumers an incredible feel executive shopping experience.

Mr Alykhan described the structure as a landmark in Uganda’s lifestyle, as it transforms to modern society.

He noted that it would bring unto shoppers the lifestyle experience of the world’s developed cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or London.


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