'Museveni Should Avoid Cult Leaders'


pharm site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>A self-professed god, pilule Omukama Ruganga Owobusobozi Bisaka, head on the cult group “Faith and Unity,” was last Tuesday celebrating his 83rd birthday in Kagadi Kibaale district where in attendance was president Museveni as Chief guest.

Addressing the congregation comprising thousands of barefooted members dressed in white tunics, Museveni hailed the works of the cult leader, and asked them to maintain the spirit of unity as a prerequisite for development.

“Your motto of ‘Okwahukana kuhoireho’ (separation is over) is good for unity of people. Omukulu Bisaka must have derived the motto from the problems of division Uganda suffered years ago. I thank the elder Bisaka for training you to maintain self-sufficiency.”

The development however has not gone well with Christian faith leaders.

Pastor Abed Bwanika of the Christian Witness Church in Kampala accused the president of “associating with people who blaspheme God” and warned that he would face the same wrath like Muammar Gaddafi who ridiculed the Holy Bible.”

Bwanika, who is also President General of the People’s Development Party, said it was unacceptable for the president of Uganda to hang around someone who called himself God.

“It was unfortunate that our president was not only in attendance but he reciprocated by giving (Bisaka) a car and large sums of money,” noted Bwanika.

Museveni at the event made a donation of Shs 40m, a Pajero and handed over cash of Shs 20m to facilitate the celebrations of the elder’s birthday and commissioning of his house. He said that the balance of Shs 20m would be delivered later.

“Uganda is a God-fearing nation and Museveni, as the Fountain of Honour should have desisted from such a blasphemous occasion,” added Bwanika.

By letting Bisaka call himself god in his face, Bwanika said, Museveni was not doing the right thing.

Who is Owobusobozi?

Owobusobozi Bisaka claims to have supernatural powers to heal all kind of illnesses and says he is able to unite people from around the world.

Born in 1930 at Kitoma, Kibizi in Kibaale district, Bisaka says that throughout his life, he had wanted to be a Priest but that this did not come to pass.

The former Grade III teacher claims that the voice of God of Hosts (the Creator) appeared to him and urged him to start saving people and preaching about oneness.

That is how he broke away from the Catholic religion and its bible teachings.

He wrote his own book, which he says is the basis of the entire ‘oneness faith’. Owobusobozi Bisaka claims that bible teachings bring about divisions, which he says are manifested by the so many religions, emanating from within the same bible.

The National Curriculum Development Center gave the Faith of Unity cult a pre-condition of their book being endorsed by the President before they can approve it for use in the Schools.

While responding to the request of the elder Bisaka to endorse his book last week, (The book of God), President Museveni said that he would read it and give his stand within two months.


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