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Kanungu: Mitano Bridge Opened Amid Chaos

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sildenafil http://clevelandheartlab.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-post-types-endpoint.php "sans-serif";”> The Two, got who were each backed up by a group of supporters got involved in a bitter exchange of words to the shock of the watching crowd that had gathered for the event.

These two continued to flare until Kasya’s camp decided to back off, boycott the ceremony and started mobilizing the locals to do the same.

However, the area MP, Baryomunsi went ahead and commissioned the bridge which connects Kanungu and Rukingiri districts as the only access route.

Kanungu and Rukungiri Districts had almost been cut off from other parts of the country ever since Mitano Bridge broke down in 2012 leaving only one distant option to access them.

At the ceremony, Baryomunsi said the Bridge which is currently being re constructed by the government of Uganda with funds from the African Development Fund will help cut down the prices of essential commodities such as Sugar, Soap, and Paraffin which had gone up.

The Law maker also warned residents against stealing government construction materials noting that whoever shall be caught in the act will be severely punished.

His comment came after the bridge site engineer Nasali Bishanga informed the gathering that some residents place stones on the way so as to siphon the vehicles carrying fuel.


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