Tumwebaze: My Enemies Want to Kill My Kids


physician geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The youthful Minister was at the forefront of creating a tribunal that found Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago liable for incompetence and abuse of office thus paving way for his impeachment.

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cost geneva;”>Lukwago’s supporters have never forgiven Tumwebaze, saying he is to blame for the Mayor’s political downfall.

In a brief statement released on Thursday, Tumwebaze reiterated fears for his children’s lives.

“In my job as Minister of Kampala Capital City, I have endured harsh judgement, hateful attacks, physical intimidation and insults and even cheap attempts aimed at my children have been invested in,” said the Minister.

“I leave all that to God and forever promise to do work entrusted me with fairness and decisiveness. I shall never hold back, fear to take action on any matter am convicted about nor succumb to cheap intimidation and black mail. Let those scheming to use those cheap tricks know.”

Tumwebaze further warned that despite facing such threats, ”Kampala will match forward at all costs.”

In a recent exclusive interview with Chimpreports, Tumwebaze said he had received death threats over Lukwago’s impeachment process.

“Anybody targeting your family intends to frighten you from executing your lawful duties. I can’t be moved by political intimidation,” said the Kibaale lawmaker.

“If people stoop that low – by going to schools of our children and identifying our children in the playgrounds during break time to tell them that ‘our father will die in one week’ then you know that people are not genuine with their cause.’”


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