NSSF Doubles Mulago Dental School Donation


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This was during a week-long dental camp organized by Northern Rotary club in partnership with the Ministry of Health and NSSF to help community solve dental problems.

Isaac Akullo the Dean of Mulago health science noted that despite the increased of the training programmes of dental surgeon at Mulago hospital, look the dental school still reports a low doctor to patient ration.

He said according to the current statistics, each dentist is supposed to serve 500 patients which is contrary to that recorded in developed countries.

Dr Akullo noted that the Medical school has so far released 300 dental surgeons since the programme commenced and yet the country’s population is projected at 34 million people.

“The current statistics pose a risk to the whole country where dentists are overworked hence leading to poor service delivery.”

He added that the school is still financially constrained due to limited resources allocated by the ministry of health.

“Out of the 1.2 trillion which was allocated to the Ministry of Health in the recent budget allocation only 0.9 is extended to oral health; this can not avail enough services which include daily training of dental Surgeons.”

Dr Akullo further asserted the school requires additional resources if it’s to continue availing free dental services throughout the country.

Dr Akullo confessed how dental complications have increased compared to the 1960s which is due to the current life style including poor eating habits.


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