Parliament Pig Protest Drama Escalates


look geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>However, here the group was disappointed when they reached CPS and were denied access to the two young men who are currently being detained at the station as Police continue with investigations into their matter.

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On returning to parliament, the trio held a one hour press conference in which they asked the Parliament Police officers in charge of the case to direct CPS to release the two boys.

They also condemned the police at parliament for what they called brutal treatment of the two youth.

“Fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual are inherent and not granted by the state,” Atiku said.

At the same conference, Atiku further asked the NRM MPs together with President Museveni to come up and explain to the youth where they get the monies that they distribute in the name of mobilization which he say would be channeled to addressing the youth’s unemployment problem in the country.

There was commotion at the Uganda Parliament Tuesday evening when a group of University students beat security at the president’s office gate before dumping two pigs in the compound.

Tags reading, “YES MPigs, CORRUPTION, CONSTITUENCY” were hanging around the pigs’ necks. The animals were painted yellow, the official colour of the ruling NRM party.

Chimp Corp, Susan Nawonga, who was at Parliament, said the University students were identified as Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise.

The duo was protesting against the new budget for the financial year 2014/15, saying it does not provide ways of uplifting the economic status of the youth. “We won’t shut up about youth desertion, youth exploitation, youth manipulation and don’t lead us into temptation,” charged Tumuhimbise.

Five police officers have since been arrested for negligence of duty.


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