Kampala Under Thick Security Blanket after Mpeketoni Killings


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Kampala Metropolitan Area Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told Chimpreports on Thursday morning that security agencies are not taking anything for granted amid increased terror acts in the East African region.

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“We have beefed up security in form of deployment – both uniform and plain clothed officers in all corners of the city who are ready to strike at any time,” said Onyango.

”Our intelligence officers are also on the ground and are always feeding us with information on what is going on there and we assure the public that we have prepared well for any terror attacks.”

On Sunday, at around 2030 hours, unknown gunmen, estimated to be 50 in number, attacked Mpeketoni Town in Lamu County.

The town is located approximately 40 KM inland, off the Indian Ocean Coastline. The heavily armed gunmen are reported to have attacked 2 hotels, 1 restaurant, a petrol station, 1 bank, a police station and a government office.

The attacks are reported to have lasted about 7 hours.

48 people were reported killed in the attack, and 3 casualties, who were taken to the nearby hospitals (2 to Lamu District Hospital and 1 to Mpeketoni Health Centre). In Addition, 10 vehicles and unknown number of houses were burnt.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta ruled out the possibility of an Al Shabaab attack, accusing local politicians of hate speech and radicalizing youth thus cultivating ground for ethnic violence.

Onyango further revealed that security continues to investigate circumstances under which suspected Al Shabaab gunmen recently crossed into Uganda through the Malaba border.

“We are touch with our counterparts and investigations are still ongoing concerning the whereabouts of the vehicles.”

Onyango, however, urged the public to remain cautious and suspicious of any person and object that seems unfamiliar and should immediately inform police as one of the ways to avert terror attacks.

“Entertainment places and bars should adhere to the new security measures and whoever is found lacking, their places will be closed,” he noted.

“Terrorism is a real threat to the country. Your eye is the first weapon in fighting terrorism.”

A few months ago, the US Embassy in Uganda warned of imminent terror attacks on the country by Al Shabaab extremists.

In 2010, Al Shabaab detonated two bombs in different parts of Kampala, killing at least 79 people as they watched finals of the World Cup.


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