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PHOTOS: UPDF Break Silence on Act of torture In Lira


what is ed drugs geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The alleged thief was beaten, stripped, dishonoured, and mutilated by a mob that later tied him on a UPDF stationary lorry that was under repair in a civilian workshop in Lira.

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Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, “under the pretext that the alleged thief was vandalizing the UPDF Lorry that was in custody of civilian Mechanics, the citizen’s human rights were seriously violated contrary to legitimate procedures for handling cases.”

Ankunda said the act was totally unacceptable.

The man was tortured by a civilian mob, according to the army

“Cognizant of an absolute right against torture, Laws against invasion on one’s privacy and the Law against mob justice, the UPDF condemns this act and calls on the public to desist from taking the Laws in their hands.”

Reports recently indicated that UPDF officers were part of the group that tortured the man.

However, Ankunda said, “much as the military truck was misused by the criminal mob, on which the victim was tied and maltreated, the Force was not involved in any way in this violation and investigations are under way for possible legal action against the civilians involved.

The UPDF extends its gratitude to the Uganda Police Force that responded on time to rescue the victim who was later taken to Lira referral Hospital, from where he is said to have since escaped.”

He added: “The Force extends sympathy to the victim and his family for pain and embarrassment inflicted on him. We wish him a quick recovery. As part of Uganda’s Ministry of Defence mission, the UPDF is committed to guaranteeing the non-violability of the people’s rights and ensuring the rule of law.”


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