Croatian Players Shamed by Nude Pictures, Snub Media


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buy "sans-serif";”> The lawmakers sitting on the Parliamentary Administration and National Security Committee have asked President Kenyatta to make changes in the security force claiming that Mr Lenku has failed to take full charge of his docket as the demanded investigations into the role of the Mombasa Republican Council in the Mpeketoni attacks.

The MPs tore into the performance of Mr Lenku as the minister in charge of the security of Kenyans saying it had been dismissal and he should be dismissed.

The committee further demanded that president Uhuru cracks the security agencies and intelligence forces who they have accused of being laxity in executing their duties.

“What happened in Mpeketoni is real impunity and depicts the state of unpreparedness by our security agencies. This country is under attack by Al-Shabaab and their friends and it can’t be business as usual,” Asman Kamama the committee chairman angrily noted.

“We are very concerned as a committee that after giving an ultimatum to security agencies on the need to improve our security systems, nothing decisive has been done considering the number of attacks we have had,” Mr Kamama added.

They however cautioned the government against politicising the attack.

Kenya has continued to suffer several attacks from the Al Shabaab militants who of recent launched an attack on citizens in Mpeketoni killing over 4o and injuring many.

price geneva; font-size: small;”>However, the World Cup Paparazzi, just as expected were not sleeping.

Two Croatian photographers transgressed the relaxing players’ privacy and took a number of snapshots of the bare athletes while hiding in a nearby bush.

The shamed squad has since vowed not to talk to any press while in Brazil, saying that their act was unfair and childish.

Media pleas to Croatia coach, Niko Kovac to compel the players to give remarks have so far fallen on deaf ears as he asserted, “I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families; how would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you?”

The big question is how Croatian fans will react to the snub from their team which is set to play Cameroon later today.


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