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State House Breaks Silence On Oyo Remarks


viagra dosage http://debiontheweb.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/badbehaviour.php geneva;”>“As we grew up, we were told that having light moments was acceptable for the crown and in palaces. I understand this is still the case for all crowns and palaces in Uganda despite the change of times. The same applies to Tooro Kingdom,” said Kagingo in a brief statement.

“When, therefore, President Museveni, renowned for respect to culture and to all humanity, joyfully referred to Omukama Amooti Oyo Nyimba, Iguru IV, as his son many of us (at the news conference in Rwakitura) smiled with joy at the way the caretaker expressed closeness to a King he has committedly raised. Others giggled. The giggles were loud. It was indeed a light moment.”

“Times change and so do attitudes but Africa have resisted several attempts at our cultural values despite the change of times. Ugandans have just defeated the most recent attempt. In Africa, an elder may address the President, His Majesty, and all powerful people, as son. It is ok.”

Kagingo called upon the subjects of Omukama Oyo to treat President Museveni’s statement as it is; “an African elder’s expression of endearment to a son and ignore those sowing seeds of discord for motives best known to themselves.”

Tooro youth recently took to the streets saying they were protesting what they termed as Museveni’s “disrespectful” comments by describing Oyo as a “boy.”

While responding to plans by the king to fast over the disintegration of his Kingdom, Museveni said Oyo was free to do so as it would help him shape up and be healthy.

“If my son the King of Tooro has decided to fast, it will help him guard his figure and remain fit.”


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