Chameleone: Do not Judge Pallaso


story http://cinselistekartirici.org/wp-admin/includes/screen.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>This proved Chameleone is more mature and understanding than his other Mayanja brothers. It also showed he holds no grudge against his brothers.

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information pills http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-order-factory.php geneva;”>The self proclaimed Music Doctor is known to have helped his brothers join the music industry as they were all originally part of his Leon Island group.

All three brothers including Weasel (Douglas Mayanja), Pallaso and AK47 later left the group and this brewed bad blood among the brothers.

There has been a long string of brawls among the brothers, the latest being between Pallaso and Weasel.

Pallaso who had just returned to Uganda found himself being a target of ridicule since Goodlyfe fans blamed him for being troublesome and a hater of Radio and Weasel.

This threatened his blooming music career provided the bad reputation it came with.

Chameleone, however, being the empathetic person he is took to Facebook calling upon forgiveness and cooperation of the brothers for the growth of music in Uganda.

He said, “Everyone has their weakness, craziness and goodness! What do we celebrate? That we all are still alive, life is the biggest gift that God gives. Until we done, we share the same struggle! Pallaso you are family, let’s all have forgiveness and Celebrate the growth of Music in Uganda. Leone Island is Love and Lovable. Our Empire holds no grudge. Put down your guns against a comrade. We pick up each other every day because we aren’t Angels. Together we represent Ugandan to the world!!!!!”

He concluded: “Pallaso you are a Good man! Let nobody frown or judge you!! We all aren’t perfect.”


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