PHOTOS: Youth Release Pigs in front of Uganda Parliament


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The animals were painted yellow, the official colour of the ruling NRM party.

Chimp Corp, Susan Nawonga, who was at Parliament today, said the University students were identified as Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise.

The duo was protesting against the new budget for the financial year 2014/15, saying it does not provide ways of uplifting the economic status of the youth.

“We won’t shut up about youth desertion, youth exploitation, youth manipulation and don’t lead us into temptation,” charged Tumuhimbise.

The group identified itself as the “Jobless Brotherhood.”

This website understands that the two youthful activists were detained at the Parliament’s Police Post and quizzed on how they managed to beat the tight security there.

Officials refused to comment on the matter.

The Permanent Secretary in the Gender Ministry, Pius Bigirimana recently said Government is taking a deliberate step to address the challenge of high poverty and unemployment among the youth through a more feasible and sustainable intervention that increases the participation of the youth in economic activities.

Police arrested the youth for causing commotion at Parliament on Tuesday

He said this involves enhancement of skills and provision of technical and financial support to enable the youth establish marketable and viable enterprises.

“The government has undertaken a number of programs under various ministries such as skilling Uganda, Youth Enterprise Scheme, Youth Venture Capital Fund, programmes in the Office of the Prime Minister to address negative problems of poverty and unemployment among the youth,” he noted, adding, “However, youth involvement in most of the programs has been hampered by attitude and mindset, mismatch of skills and inadequate information among others.”


The youth constitute 21.3 percent of the total population of Uganda, translating into 6.5million people.

With an annual population growth rate averaging 3.2 percent (1.3m) people, this category of the population is projected to hit 7.7 million by 2015.

The demographic issue for Uganda’s population is related to its age structure rather than the overall size of the population.

It is also important to note that Uganda has a very young population which represents a major challenge in the short and medium term if now well planned and provided for.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics Youth Employment Report for 2012, a total of 4.4 million youth constitute the total labour force projected to 12 million by 2015.

18 percent of the youth are jobless out of which about 2 million are literate.

The Ministry of Finance statistics show that another 2 million youth are under employed and 50 percent of economically active youth are not engaged in income-generating employment.

Youth self employment is by far the most important form of youth work.

Youth unemployment is more pronounced in urban areas than in rural areas, an indication of rural-urban migration.

A study by government shows that the large number of youth that enter the labour market at an early age is associated with high school dropout rates such that by the age of 18 years, it is estimated that about 67 percent of youth are in some form of employment.


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