Mayiga: I am not a Beggar


adiposity geneva;”>Mayiga said the public should acknowledge that the assets being accumulated in the drive are for the benefit of the entire Kingdom not his personal gain.

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He said conducting the drive does not make him a beggar because he is simply reminding the King’s subjects of their responsibility towards enhancing development within the Kingdom.

“Those referring to me as a beggar are just trying to divert the commitment of the King’s subjects.”

Mayiga made the remarks on Tuesday while leading a team of delegates to monitor the progress of ‘Masengere’ Plaza formerly known as ‘Bulange’ Plaza in Mengo.

The Deputy treasurer of the construction committee in charge of the plaza, Fred Mamba Kasozi said the monarchy deployed Arab Contractors Construction Company to put up the structure.

Mamba said the project still requires a separate transformer which will cost around shs32m, electricity at shs67m and tiles for the entire building.

A total of Shs15m was raised from today’s fundraising event held at Bulange gardens.


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