Kenzo to work out ‘Sitya Loss’ Remix with Demarco


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The ‘Stamina’ singer met with the ‘I love my life’ singer at the African Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) pre-party where they were both performing.

The pre-party was held in Nai Lounge Addison in Dallas, Texas on Friday June, 13.

The duo was seen hanging out later and word got out that they are to do the remix of the ‘Sitya Loss’ song.

Demarco who has held concerts in Uganda has already done collaborations with Ugandan artist Peter Miles.

He, however, warned that collabos with Ugandans do not sell in Jamaica.

The Big Talent boss says that doing the remix of his ‘Sitya Loss’ song with Demarco will make it more appealing to wider audiences.


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