DP: Traditional Kingdoms will never forgive Museveni


The warning was sounded by opposition Democratic Party (DP) in line with the ongoing standoff between the president and the royal subjects of Tooro Kingdom in western Uganda.

Yesterday police was engaged in serious running battles with a Tooro youth royalists group “Amacumu Nebitara bya Rukirabasaija” who were protesting what they termed as ‘disrespectful’ comments by president Museveni about their king, Oyo Nyimba.

The president reportedly while responding to plans by the king to fast over disintegration of his Kingdom, said Oyo was free to do so as it would help him shape up and be healthy.

While addressing press at the party headquarters in Kampala today, DP presidential press secretary, Mr Fred Mwesigwa said president was taking a fatal gamble, tinkering with the structuring of the traditional kingships.

He blamed him for ‘going around creating small subunits within the original kingdoms often using UPDF soldiers and empowering them to revolt against their mother kingdoms.”

Museveni a couple of weeks ago presided over the installation of the Maj. Martin Kamya as the king of the new Obudinghiya of Bamba, split from the greater Tooro Kingdom. The new sub-kingdom together with the Obusinga of Rwenzururu were deemed by king Oyo as a threat to the unity and cohesion of Tooro.

The president has also been accused of supporting Ssabanyala Maj. Baker Kimeze to revolt against Buganda Kingdom.

Describing the president as “naturally arrogant,” Mwesigwa said divisions Museveni is creating in the Kingdoms would rapidly work towards his downfall in the near future.

“President Museveni might sit and assume that we politicians are his only biggest threat, unaware that it’s those traditional kingdoms he claims to have revitalized that are likely to bring him to his knees before we come in,” he said.

A Musoga by blood, Mwesigwa went on to accuse Museveni of confusing and stagnating Busoga subregion for many years.

“We shall live to tell the story of president Museveni. For the last seven years, we have moved on without leadership and his hand is clearly visible in this. We keep wondering why he siding with a few kingdom leaders while sidelining others.”

“Busoga has remained poor in every aspect. The (Kingdom) institution used to be self-sustaining; providing 500 scholarship to its sons and daughters in universities. But it’s Buganda who is generously giving us 100 scholarships each year. Our schools are poor and we can’t favorably compete for government sponsorships,” lamented Mwesigwa.

“But traditions kingdoms are not like governments. They have a natural bondage with their people. The confusion being created by this government is not going to last long. It’s going to backfire.”


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