Top TV Troubles Deepen


buy more about http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/rest-api.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>ChimpLyf recently reported that workers at Top TV and other affiliate organisations had laid down tools protesting over non-payment of their salaries for the last 6 months

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nurse geneva;”>Over the weekend, the renowned man of God brought a group of Europeans to inspect the station with the intention of soliciting support in form of money to inject into the troubled business.

Sources said Senyonga miscalculated because he thought that by the time he arrives with the potential investors to inspect, work will be moving on well.

Nothing prepared him for the sight of his employees sitting around and neglecting their work.

The Pastor’s advisor tried to mobilize a team that can put out at least a news bulletin for the TV but they all refused demanding for their salaries first.

The Pastor then tried to convince the investors that all the employees were out on leave an issue everyone doubts the investors will believe.

On Monday morning the team as usual reported to the station but never worked.

They all decided to sit redundantly at the balcony waiting for payment in case any.

To their disappointment, they saw some of the station boosters being ferried back from Kololo where they had been taken to be installed at the station in Bwaise, an issue that left everybody confused and more perplexed of the situation.

A month ago UBC TV warned Top media group of being among the major defaulters and vowed to disconnect the station if they failed to clear their arrears for using the national broadcaster’s infrastructure.

But as usual Senyonga chose to ignore the warnings until last Friday when he received the last warning of being disconnected within 48 hours.

Top TV is also known to be having the oldest generator at Kololo which keeps on jamming after every five hours.

On Monday, Top TV went off air after the generator at Kololo jammed and this left the station engineer Opio working tirelessly to rectify the problem in vain.

The station has also spent over five months without electricity and the whole station has been depending on a generator which uses fuel of about Shs150, 000 to Shs200, 000 per day.


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