Desh Kananura Pomp Tainted by Dirty Deals


symptoms http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-api.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Desh as he is commonly referred to always advises his followers on social media to be creative and think only about self employment rather than job seeking.

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He has inspired many Ugandans to start small in business as it always grows if one is determined.

“To the youth, stop feeling sorry for yourselves government owes you nothing! I lead by example I have never supplied or done a government deal or had any favours, from the state never looked for a job, I have been creating jobs! We don’t talk about it we are about it,” he recently posted on his Facebook page.

While it is true Desh has created jobs for several people including the youth, he fell short of speaking out on how he treats his workers.

The Panamera Bar and Restaurant owner and car dealer easily loses his cool when faced with tough or trying situations.

Desh has been severally dragged to court over issues ranging from fraud to murder though he has never been convicted.

Desh and his brother were recently charged with the murder of their bar attendant known as Badru Katerega.

Desh allegedly tortured and killed the employee after suspecting him of stealing from the bar.

At one point, Desh was sued by a one Sulait Ssemakula of Sema Properties Ltd for obtaining money from him under false pretence.

Ssemakula claimed that Desh was supposed to supply a Grader 140 OG Caterpillar but never honoured his promised.

Desh reportedly resorted to hiding. Desh denied the allegation, saying Ssemakula was supposed to collect his money in vain.

Desh was also accused of allegedly defrauding four other businessmen of huge sums of money amounting with a promise of supplying them with cars.

These included City lawyer Bob Kasango, Andrew Mwenda, Hon. Mary Mugyenyi and Kaijuka.


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